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About Us

With a wide range of experience in tax preparation and issue resolution you will receive quality service. Integrity of good tax practice stands on three key components: "Ethics", "Information Security", and "Accuracy".

There must be healthy partnership between client and their tax professional so that their tax matters can be addressed correctly.  If you don't trust quality of professional's work you don't see their services.  Putting heart into our work is a way to meet our clients' trust and expectations.

We listen.  We care what you get from our services.

誠実な対応がモットーです。お客様からのご依頼は単なる事務処理ではありません。 一人ひとりのお客様と誠意をもって一緒に仕事をさせて頂くことで良い結果が可能になります。 良くお話を伺うこと、正確に情報をお伝えすることで、信頼して仕事を任せていただけるように日夜努力しています

To help clients maintain financial common sense in today's economy, while assisting them in achieving future goals by making informed decisions. 

You can expect high standards of excellence, professionalism, and open communication.

About Shigeyo 菊池茂代

Shigeyo Kikuchi, EA, LTC has engaged in tax since 2001 with a major US tax preparation company. Her experience includes a wide range of individual tax returns for a diverse socio-economic clientele, audit assistance, audit representation, an in-house tax education instructor. She has been a Master Tax Adviser since 2008 and served as a lead tax professional for two years prior to launching her own practice. US taxes with International implications became an additional area of specialty in 2004. She is one of the few practitioners who has lived through all of the non-resident, permanent resident and US citizen statuses. She understands US tax implications for each status very well.

She lives and practices near Portland, Oregon. She is an avid gardener, an active volunteer worker with several non-profit organizations and the lead dog walker for her three dogs.


Enrolled agents (EAs) are America's Tax Experts. EAs are the only federally licensed tax practitioners who specialize in taxation and also have unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS.

Enrolled Agents, エンロールドエージェントは連邦政府の資格を持ったアメリカの税金のエキスパートです。